Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PM Reiterates His Stance Against Territory Allegation

AKP: Phnom Penh October 27, 2005
"I am only responsible for all parts of the remaining territory", reaffirmed Samdech Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Cambodian government during his speech at a ceremony of Wanda Institute in Phnom Penh October 27, 2005.

The Prime Minister's comment is a recall pertaining to various allegations accusing him of ceding Cambodia's land to Viet Nam. However, the allegations have been retaliated by the government through legal recourse , thus resulting in two of seven people sued being detained pending further procedures on the part of the judicial body.
The nation's TVK station as well as some private ones have aired for several days now documents depicting the partial loss of Cambodia's territory during French colonialism since 1870s,1940s and 1957s.
"Please don't hold me accountable for this matter, don't accuse me of being traitor or selling land to foreign countries. I need my honor and that of members of my government ", lamented the prime minister. "Painting me traitor is but making my family face bad chance ".
Hue and cry about border issue is seen quiet as the government released ot the National Assembly the full text of the additional document attached to the 1985 Border Treaty between Cambodia and Viet Nam.
Political opponents would always use border issue as a tool to degrade the Royal Government of Cambodia, headed by Samdech Hun Sen. (ends)

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