Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cambodia Prime Minister Censures Opposition's Alienism

AKP-Phnom Penh November 3, 2010
by Ouk Kimseng

Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia sees the nature of the opposition's letter as seizing opportunity to make use of foreign opinion in Question and Answer Forum of the nation's National Assembly for the interest of the fugitive H.E Sam Rainsy who has been on self-exile to avoid any responsibilities before existing law.

Seventeen members of the parliament from opposition Sam Rainsy Party has jointly made a request to the president of the national assembly in order to get feedback from the Cambodian government on the so-called Resolution on Cambodia designed by European Parliament on October 21, 2010.

“Resolution on Cambodia is but merely an opinion aimed at seeing Cambodian succeeding in implementing democracy, strengthening rule of law and social development ”, Samdech Techo Hun Sen said in his response letter dated November 2, 2010 addressed to Samdech Akak Moha Ponhea Chakrey Heng Samrin, chief of the Cambodian parliament.

The letter stated ”it is right that the expression made by the European Parliament is the right of a foreign institution. Nevertheless, the opinion may be beneficial to the people of Cambodia so long as the European Parliament has full-angle information about Cambodia with common sense reflecting the reality of evolution in Cambodia for the time being”.

This part of the letter is a feedback to the question as to what measure or decision the government should take in response to the request or the recommendation raised by the European Parliament.

The letter went on to say “ the European Parliament ought to realize that the Cambodia opposition has thus far resorted to no culture of liberal democracy, not the same as what the opposition in European Union would do. The Cambodia opposition always uses foreign countries to decry the Cambodian government for their own advantage and ultra extremism ” .

The Cambodian premier urged the European Parliament to help the Cambodia opposition change its extremist behavior and teach the latter how play the opposition role in the system of parliament-oriented democracy in respect to the national constitution and laws of Cambodia.

“The people and the government of Cambodia , indeed, need the opposition groups that have capability to contest balanced politics in the framework of the National Assembly and have the same criteria as countries in Europe have”, the letter stressed.

He said H.E Sam Rainsy has made the problem by himself when the latter lured and incited people to displace demarcation posts at the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. “He himself committed the breach of law. So, he must be responsible before the law”.

The Cambodian premier affirmed that Cambodia's democratization has entered into a stage of consolidating rule of law and combat impunity with the purpose of ensuring public order, peace and tranquility for the entire people of Cambodia.

The 3-page letter of the Cambodian prime Minister also responded to another question as to what stance the government should undertake to maintain aid from European Parliament and preserve reputation of Cambodia under the watch of the international community.

He said”As per the stance of the Cambodian government on European Union's aid, Cambodia as well as other countries always clings to strengthening confidence based on the principal of mutual interest, the right of self-determination of each country. Up to date, the Cambodian government has obtained lots of achievements in this context while the opposition would seek every way and means to hinder aid provided to Cambodia”.

“The international community including the European Union still continue and increase the quantity of their aid to Cambodia with every passing year while Cambodia enjoy more support.”

The letter concluded “Serving the people, the government never considers [its commitment] needs to tailor to foreign desire and never abandons national sovereignty and reliance and never thinks that Cambodia is under the watch of the international community.”

Samdech Techo Hun Sen called on the opposition to review its policy of ultra extremism [toward their own nation].

“I am the Prime Minister and my colleagues at the Council of Ministers firmly respect and always implement foreign policy and international cooperation on behalf and in the name of independent and sovereign state, and play the role of representing Cambodian on international arena with dignity and honor with other counterpart nations in accordance with national constitution and the provisions of oath of allegiance [we have taken] ”, Samdech techo Hun Sen stressed (ends)

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